Administrative Management



Advice and preparation of accounts for individuals and companies of any kind.
Preparation and presentation of accounts in the commercial register.
Preparation and presentation of annual accounts telematically for any commercial register.


Comprehensive tax advice and management of all types of businesses, individuals and non-residents.
Preparation and presentation of all types of business tax returns: high, low, VAT, Corporation Tax, payments on account statements, withholding …
Statements of income and wealth (for residents and non-residents).
Estate and gift taxes.
Purchase and sales taxes, mortgages, loan cancellations …
Defense against the tax inspectorate, answer requests, interpositions, resources, prior claims …
All transactions conducted via the telematics, since we have the certificate of the National Mint.


Companies with high social security, employment contracts, preparation of payroll and bulletins social security contributions … All electronically through the RED system.
Advice on prevention of occupational hazards.
Advice, preparation and submission of applications for retirement, disability, widowhood, orphanhood and any other presentation of social security.
Assistance and representation in legal claims about layoffs, claims for payment and any other issue or dispute.
Assistance and representation in administrative and judicial claims for social security benefits.
Advice and assistance to the labor inspectorate, inspecting the general treasury and social security to the labor inspectorate of the Ministry of Labour.


The processing of transfers of all types of vehicles, new vehicle registration, driver’s license renewals and, in general, any type of management at the General Directorate of Traffic.
Resources sanctions, complaints and any other document or procedure until complete resolution.

Public Administration

Request openings municipal and local business establishments, and changes in ownership.
Application of municipal building permits.
Heavy industry and processing of files of any type to the Ministry of Industry, installers issuing cards …
Application adds, and changes of ownership to the Department of Health.
Application for high and changes in ownership with the Tourism Department.
Local communication opening or initiation of work at the Ministry of Labour.
Any proceedings before the Department of Agriculture, hunting licenses …
And any kind of dealings with the government as a whole.